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Karizma Reunited with Emmery Etienne & Roody Delpe | Press Release




On March 3rd, 2019, Karizma gave knap fans a captivating performance at Palacio in Paris.  The sold-out show marked the first time original members, Emmery Etienne and Roody Delpe, teamed up with Karizma after nearly two years.

“We are been blown away by the positive fan response across social media. Rekindled discussions after the Paris show offered the band renewed opportunity to work together once again.  Our hope is that fans, promoters, and the media will support the reunification”, said Karizma’s front man, Emmery.

The Karizma reunion will feature lead singer, Emmery Etienne, alongside keyboardist and producer, Roody Delpe.  The group’s “core six” players consist of Daniel Paul, Davidson Bastien, Richard Augustin, Louissaint Beliard, Jodanny Petit Frere, and Auguste Blanchner. As part of this process, the group is also pleased to announce a partnership with Geslin Liberis of Red production. Geslin will be part of the new management team. He will work closely with the team to better align the band with the rapidly evolving HMI market that we serve.

The PARIS experience was definitely a sign of strength and dynamism for these musicians. In the coming weeks, the band hopes to get back into the studio and record new original music. Karizma is also looking forward to playing live throughout the spring and summer 2019. The group is committed to pursuing this venture with reinvigorated interest and dedication.

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